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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>darya: the morning and the top stories we're following this morning. a teenager kidnapped. a young child is a fault that while in the public restroom at the berkeley rep. we will have details and just a minute. and the cleveland had accused of holding parliament caught cost it for a decade is live in a court this morning was take a step with weather and traffic. >>erica: certainly cooler than 24 years ago. that would be the case until the 7:00 hour. listed below pitcher after no highs. '60s and '70s. by 8:00 p.m. tonight we will hold onto. we do have warmer weather on the way but overall pretty quiet conditions for the week. i'll walk you through
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your extended forecast coming up at 615. good morning george. >>gary: >>george: the morning america. we are tracking an accident on the peninsula at north on 101 at shoreline boulevard. it's been reported at various locations. it appears as though there's an accident out of the roadway, but there may be injuries involved and a number of emergency vehicles are responding. this could meet up with the no. 85 backup west lb to 37 traffic. it's a perfect location to create a bit hot spot for south bay traffic northbound. we will updated in up next report. >>darya: police are searching for a man who
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sexually assaulted a child in a restroom at the berkeley marina yesterday. and they hope the suspects you need care stow help police find him. kron4's mike pelton is alive but the details. good morning mike. --unique hairstyle. m > >>mike: authorities warned here to this area. take a look at this video from the afternoon. you can see officers from multiple agencies searching for the suspect. they contain the area. authority's also looked barack homeless camps and despite the use of helicopters, they were unable to find a suspect. here is a description of the personnel are looking for. how authorities do not
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have a good grip on the h, but they say he is a black man with blond hair and green streaks. wearing a green shirt and jeans. they hope that helps him get them fibrous the person responsible. dark have you had imagined a lot of parents are going to be an easy until this man is caught. back to you garden. >>mark: he held a knife to her throat and then it made her drive to a remote location near chaplain drive, about a mile away from the store. that's when he told her to pull over into copper shirt but instead, she jumped out of
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the vehicle and ran to a neighbor's house. but, she said he is chasing me with a knife. it didn't even dawn on me. my first instinct was, one because i did not know if he was still coming after her. her eyes were red and she was shaking. she was crying from running down the street. it did have that car air running down the street was one of the most bold and brave think anyone can do. >>mark: they were able to track a fingerprint from the car. they arrested him at a best buy, where he worked. >>darya: police and family members are searching for an
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11 year-old girl who went missing in the south bay. college conalejandro oliveros magallon was last seen at a family party in sunnyvale over the weekend. police are considering dismissing 11 year-old at risk because of her age. her family reporter missing sunday morning. they believe she left that family party late lasttuay night. convn telling the police said some ate overheard her phone conversation telling the person on the other end of the line to pick her up. investigators say she may be in san jose. police have been in contact with her fifth year-old cousin, who says she spoke with her and that she is ok, but her cousin is not cooperating fully with police. anyone
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with information is asked to call police. > >jackie: 63 year old donald white, was working in an elevator shaft. while he was working somehow the elevator counter what it came down crushing him and killing him and side of that elevator shaft. osha is the party that will be doing the investigation out here and until then, the construction site is shut down. it has been shut down since yesterday it will be shut off today and work will not resume until tomorrow morning. we did have a chance to talk with family members of the hawaii yesterday and this is his son talking about an accident. but, he was hit
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by it. >> he was hit by a counterweight. it was just some accident and he got hit by the counterweight. >> the blion dollars that it is expected to open next year for the forty-niners. a lot of heavy hearts out here this morning. >>james: am >> >>mark: the cleveland and accused of holding captive and repeatedly raping three women for years makes his
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first court appearance today since been indicted last friday. 52 year old aerial castro faces more than 300 counts of murder kidnapping and rape. the murder charge involves castros allegedly starting and punching one of pregnant, ul she miscarried. he is alive in court right now. he just walked in. he has pleaded not guilty. we will have an update on that live court coverage. we will be right back. medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required.
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self. you have to become a member to fly and there's also a witless. --wait list. --unlimited flights. >>james: we are going to take a quick break. a live look over the bay area. his day outside. --nice. [ seagulls cawing ]
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615 right now. >>darya: 615 right now. i want to show you video from the colorado wild fires. caught is battling a series of wild fires that are being fuelled by dry conditions and gusty winds. two fighters along the front of the rocky mountains and destroyed dozens of structures, and over 6000 people have been evacuated. at least 7,500 a. have burned by late thursday that a judge tuesday. no deaths have reported, but a few dozen buildings have burned. one wondered 50 by reporters battle with the base-ablaze, backed by members of the national guard.
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>>erica: we are exactly where we should be for weather. the sun is up. we do have a minimal falk forming along the coast line, but that's really the extent of it. so enjoy clear skies. no issues with visibility, but he will have to bundle up because temperatures are radical this morning. that is because we don't have a cloud cover to keep us insulated. for our east bay, temperatures are not too bad. a few locations actually running in the '60s. futurecast for once to track the numbers for you. i 12:00, you're out and about for lunch, bring on your screen for the peninsula and coast line locations already in the '60s. we will already st 74 are warmer and land areas and we start to spread the lead of the '80s. the appearance on your
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screen are your afternoon highs. we will call back down, but still pretty mild by 8:00 p.m. tonight. we're talking 50 is indicated by the blue. we will hold on to the yellow showing both '70s for places like the delta up by 8:00 p.m. tonight. let's focus on year after new highs for today it started with your east bay and 1 spots. pretty nice. over to the eastern shore line, we go low '70's into today's forecast. 71 for union city, said it to a fremont. britain has conditions in the south bay with a mainly sunny skies. in downtown san francisco afternoon high of 66 degrees. warmer for u.s. san mateo and last but not least, i want to turn our attention to a sunny day ahead on this wednesday with 80 degrees in napa. in terms of your extended forecast, the 7 day around the bay, expect pretty quiet
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weather around the bay area. >>george: erica, we continue to track some hot spots on 101 in the northbound ion in mountain view on shoreline boulevard. the three right-hand lanes were just cleared. they were blocked by emergency vehicles there. injuries involved. the person was trapped inside this vehicle. they managed to move all over to the right have shoulder. no longer are lanes blocks, but you see it is affecting the rise coming from 85 in the northbound direction. it has not yet had an impact from white to 37 or leading north from highway 87. the guadalupe parkway where we usually see slow down to 1 01 north. good news is that already managed to get out of the traffic lanes. look at iraq to the bay bridge, the metering lights were
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activated and the backup is not here all the way back past 880 over crossing. the times are currently 16 to 18 minutes depending on your approach to the bridge. you're right to the san mateo bridge and the date transit, still at about 10 to 12 minutes for the bay bridge over the foster city. the marin ride, is the problem free. your trip across the golden gate bridge, in addition to being a like an easy drive is also a beautiful one this morning. >>darya: lawmakers are voicing their confusion and concern and some are calling for an end to sweeping surveillance programs by u.s. spy agencies after receiving an unusual briefing on the government's years-long collection of phone records and interviews it. fbi, legal and intelligence officials briefed the entire house on tuesday an attempt to sue the outrage
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over national security agency programs that collect billions of americans on and internet records. since they were revealed last week, the programs have spurred a distrust in the obama administration from around the world. >>mark: google is asking the federal government for permission to publish requests for information under the foreign intelligence security act also known as fisa. the company said the request tuesday to attorney general eric holder and fbi director robert mueller. google is one of the companies implicated in the recent data mining controversy by the end as a and fbi. the company wants users to know that it does not give the federal government on up fettered access to its debt. as it is right now, all
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requests: with a gag orders. >>mark: attorneys will try to narrow down a pool of potential jurors for george zimmerman high-profile murder trial. the prosecution grilled a handful of the first 100 people and a pool that could total 500 people in an effort to find an unbiased group of six jurors and four alternates to try the case. trade on the mountains-- trayvon martin's parents are in the courtroom. his mother teri up and leaving the courtroom. zimmerman is a brother robert zimmerman also mention death threats at his family has received when he addressed the court. so far, the men's attorneys have been unable to find potential jurors who have not heard something about the fed shouldn't of 17 road
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trip, written by the neighborhood watch volunteer. >>james: rioting breaks out in the streets of brazil's largest city. thousands of protestors clashed with police yesterday in sao paulo. they are angry about planned fare increases and public transportation. some demonstrators turned violent damaging in metro station and setting fire to several ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads.
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>>james: welcome back. we are watching wall street this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes and the positive this morning. u.s. stocks ended a choppy day with a loss. here's a look at the numbers. the dow dropped to 160 points to close at 15,122. it fell as much as 152 points in the first hour of trading, rising by monday-midday then sank in the afternoon. the nasdaq fell almost 36 points, closing the day at 3436. and s&p 500 fell nearly 17
6:26 am
points to close at 100726. we will be watching the numbers all morning long care on the kron4 morning news start at 630 with the opening bell. >>darya: more americans are quitting their jobs suggesting many are growing more confident in the job market. the labor department says the number of people who quit their jobs in april jumped 7.2% to 2.5 million. that's just below february's level, which was the highest in four and a half years. overall hiring also picked up in april and we're still nearly 4 1/2 million jobs. >>jacqueline: >>james: intern at google are making the big bucks. on average, in turn are paid anywhere from 5800 to 6700 a month. these are in turn to while working with
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specialized software and engineering intern's. at the tech giant, in such a pledge from asset sales and marketing to the highest paid software engineers. they're expected to commit to at least three months of full-time work. mead, most interns get paid around $20,000 during their stance --stint. >>darya: the time is 626 right now. we'll be right back in a minute. the new look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch?
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>>james: welcome back. here with the opening bell. the
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dow features have been appalled at all been pretty steady. that holding pretty steady. more with our financial experts rob black comip. >>darya: its beautiful outside. it looks like a postcard erica. >>erica: you can see here on satellite and radar, clause have pushed hard district but it is a chilling start to the morning and live without side shows clear skies and san francisco. it is a little breezy out there. and to the afternoon,
6:31 am
we will be met with a low 80s. pretty similar seasonal temperatures as we head into tomorrow. friday looks to be the warmest day of the week but it will not be a scorcher. upper 80s for your warmest inland spots. overall, a pretty quiet weather pattern in the bay area. the full details coming up at 645. good morning george. >>george: the accident is out of the traffic lanes. traffic is starting to improve pass the same. and almost seems as though are conspiring to form a backup. this accident may already be clear to the right have shoulder. it is reported as
6:32 am
minor. we're not yet seen the big delays that i feared on what one northbound. the toll plaza, the backup reaches back to west grant ave. a 19 minute drive time if you're coming through the macarthur made ahead toward the upper deck. >>james: police formed a perimeter round marin and went looking for the suspect in nearby homeless encampments in the area. berkeley police said they are going to maintain a high
6:33 am
visibility and the marina and can this child molester is a high priority for the department. but small we are asking for the community's help to locate the suspect. i think the hair description is most important. >>darya: police and family members are searching for an 11 year-old girl who went missing in the south bay. alejandro oliveros magallon was last seen as a family y sunnyvale over the weekend. please consider this missing girl at risk because of her age. her family reporter missing sunday morning. they believe she left a family party late saturday night. police say someone at the party over
6:34 am
her on the phone telling the person on the other and to come pick her up. investigators think she may be in san jose. officers have been in contact with her 50 year-old cousin, who says she spoke with her and she is ok. that cousin, though, is not fully cooperated with police. >> there is we are considering an element of distrust between the family and the police. >>darya: investigators are going to actively follow up this until the family is reunited with her family are placed in a safe environment. did it and, the >>darya: > >james:"the man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and intended to read a sixth year-old girl taken at knife
6:35 am
point in fremont is expected to be arraigned today. police said 23 year- old aron roy climbed into the backseat of a 16 year- old girls unlocked car while she was inside a lucky store on fremont boulevard. when the victim came back into the car, right appeared in the back seat held for a ninth point. --roy. gunpoint. he then made her drive to a remote location near chaplain drive, about a mile away from the store. right then told her to pull over and take pressure off-- roy. take her shirt off. that was one police said the victim escaped iran to a neighbor's house. --escaped and ran to a neighbor's
6:36 am
house. wet >>mark: a deadly construction accident brings work to a halt on the new 49er stadium in santa clara. a worker was killed while helping to install elevators inside the new leave by stadium. the workers name is donald white. he was a better and other technicians. why it's distraught family says he was employed by schindler elevator of san leandro and had been on the stadium got about two months. he has been installed in repairing elevators since 1969. what was also a lifelong 49ers that. --fan. white leaves
6:37 am
behind four sons and a widow. an investigation is now under way. project manager that judge project managers say up to 1100 construction workers were sent home following the accident. construction on the 1.3 million-judge billion dollar lee by stadium is expected to resume on thursday. >>james: boards management has requested assistance from a state mediator because of a stalled contract negotiations with its labor unions. contracts between bart and several unions that represent more than 2400 employees expire on june 30th and both sides are pushing for a compromise over wages and health benefits. >>mark: today, turkey's
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prime minister is expected to meet with a group of activists about the country's biggest anti- government protests in decades. overnight, police fired tear gas into the crowds in the capital of ankara. for more than a week, protesters have been demonstrating against the project to replace a part with them all but the real story here is growing concern about turkey's democratically elected president, tried to push the country back to islamic law. the president just impose strict relations on alcohol sales. and he has been repeatedly been calling on all families to have three children. turkey's prime minister has warned he will put an end to the process which he says are hurting put an end to the process wlook at them kids.urting [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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their hands didn't even use soap. 10 percent of people did not wash their hands at all after using the bathroom. among command, 15 percent did not wash their hands at all, compared to 7 percent of women. and when people did wash their hands, only 50 percent of many used hope that just felt while 70 percent of women did. people on all our facebook page are commenting. i see some peopl. >> i feel like i am obsessed with hand washing. i see some people hoot do not wash chance. >> angeles as i do 15 to 27
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and all the time with soap. my husband does even longer. >> make sure to build up a good lather. that is the only exception was to wash your hands. the study shows that people only wash their hands for six seconds on average.
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when you're back to the kron4 morning news. we are watching wall street. if you are a realtor or ourselves person enthalpy yes, you will probably have a good one. --in alpedas. and we
6:47 am
are also less than an to facebook conference call. it was their first investor call. a lot of people? zucker burke for the stock price. --zuckerberg. >> the ceo said there was nothing wrong with what they did. that's why i like him. hopper richard company, the chair will find itself. i think it was overbought everyone in america wanted. the company continues talks operate on their fundamental strategy. >>mark: a lot of commodity sell-off. we start ask what
6:48 am
is wrong? >> what is interesting to note. oil prices are remaining stubbornly high. every other metal and every other piece of energy and commodity complex has sold off aggressively pinking up at the world economy is going to slow. oil is dame high--staying. corn there is a conspiracy behind that. >> it makes you a little bit nervous but the proof is in the pudding at so to speak. we have seen decent
6:49 am
employment numbers inside of the u.s.. corporations are hiring. business picks up. europe is still with socialism issues, but i think that they are fine. looks like a good strong backer of the year rally. we will check back with ron with the winners in losers. >>darya: >>erica: a great start to this wednesday morning. memo fogger this morning. in fact, most of us are waking up to clear blue skies. not as a result, it is chilly out there. temperatures in the '40's and 50's. taking a closer look at those numbers. check out north bay, 45 and santa rosa, 55 out the door and livermore.
6:50 am
we are seen a 10 degree spread. cooler along the coast line. as to take a look at the afternoon, expect sunny skies. it centers around the seasonal average. 66 for downtown san francisco. as we head into the evening hours, clear conditions will stick around and it looks like a blue on our forecast will indicate " blue and coastal spot. in terms of your extended forecast, 7 day around the bay, take a look at thursday. very similar conditions and friday slated to be the warmest day of the week. upper 80s for our warmest and land spots. temperatures take a tumble into saturday and sunday. overall, pretty quiet weather around the bay area. we remain mild and just a
6:51 am
little cooler than where we should be to start next week. >>george: i want to update some accidents that we have been falling. no problems through the east bay. -- following. we have picked up some slowing into walnut creek on 680 southbound but still only a 20 minute ride through the san ramon valley down and to dublin. for your right on the 80 southbound. there is a report of an accident here, but no slow traffic pass this thing. the north bay writer looks great care marin county on 101 southbound. there is an
6:52 am
accident and petaluma year at washington on what once out, so things were a little crowded through downtown petaluma for the 101 southbound run. for your bridges, but you're bay bridge commute to getting a better already. but times are back down to about 16 to 70 minutes. san mateo bridge ride, starting to get a little crowded. your commutegoen gate bridge, uc director marin and your trip across the span is a good one. --70 minutes. --17 minutes. hot >>darya: make your fourth of
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>>jacqueline: we are back. it is 656. want to show you the 7 day around the bay forecast. we have a mild weather today. 80 degrees your average high. 62 along the coast. we will keep rather mellow at least through tomorrow and then we will warm up slightly on friday. maybe it 2 possibly upper 80s. we will cool it off as we have into the weekend and the beginning of next week. doesn't feel quite like summary just yet, but we are getting there. >>darya: a six-pack of beer
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you'd love to come home toe . a home that's more joyful. more playful. more you. we listenedn. that's why we are introducinug our all new home store. we have all the brands you knon and exciting new brands you'll want to kno kw. many on sale now n, at 20-40% off. you add the kids, the pets,et the craziness, the laughterh, and the love. ♪ ♪ the craziness, the laughterh, and the love. (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news walk >> welcome to the kron4 morning news a teenaged girl that was shopping at a grocery store was kidnapped by night point. we're looking for that attacker.


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